Trucking Revolution Mastermind

14 lessons - 0.5 hours of video content

Time: Completion can be done in a day, With step by step instructions and links to guide you.

Get Freight Contracts Approved in 3 Days

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  • You need to recharge your life, Recharge your mind frame, Recharge your pockets

  • You have been sleeping on your passive income

  • You are ready to gift yourself - a new car, new home, traveling and enjoying your life

  • You are ready to educate yourself, when you know better you do better

  • You want to show those who doubted you

  • You will not let your past dictate your future, a felon can own a successful trucking company

This is 100% possible for you – I know this because I’ve been exactly where you are now. This proven system will make you a Trucking Company Owner!

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“It was very easy to get started. The entire process was straight to the point.”

J&J Financials

“I decided to start my own company after driving for other companies. It was very helpful and easy using the course.”



  • Does this course teach dispatching?

    Yes, this course teach the basic skills needed to dispatch.

  • How long will the course take me?

    You can go at your own pace, it takes up to 30 days for your trucking company to go active.

  • Do I need a CDL?

    No, you do not need a CDL to start a trucking company.


Tychicus Jones

Tychicus Jones

Hello, My name is Tychicus Jones. I have 25 years in the Transportation Industry. I have owned my Trucking Company since 2007. I started in warehouses and achieved growth simply by looking to see who made the most money. I moved up to forklift driver and went thru each higher paying lift drivers. I watched the truckers just standing and realize they made more than me so at 21 years old I attended Tennessee Tech college and received my CDL license. My first job was with Fly Ash Bulk Tanks, the guy did not want to hire a new driver so he simply told me I'm show you this once if you learn it you hired if not good luck on your endeavors. I was hired and a few months later his company went out of business. I drove for many companies gaining experience in doubles, tanks and later I purchased my first truck. the first truck was thru a lease purchase and later from a trucking dealership. I then realize to maximize my financial potential I needed to start my own trucking company. Quad Transport